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A father is a father, muggle or not.
Happy Father’s Day!

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I’m just so happy right now. I’m having a blast at the beach so far and we have great plans for tomorrow morning. Most importantly, I just feel so close to God. Camp brought me so much closer to Him and I’m just really happy, confident, and content. God is so good. :)


Hillsong United // Passion Conference 2012

We sang this song at camp this week and I haven’t been able to stop singing it. Now, all of a sudden, it appears on my dash. God is so cool!


Life sometimes sucks, You need a break, Click here & Laugh!

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Happy 22nd Birthday, Emma! We love you!

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So, today was the day my Grandad passed away, eleven years ago. It was kind of sad, even though nobody directly said anything about it. I miss him a lot, even though I was only 3 (almost 4) when he died. I remember what he looked like and stuff, but I can barely remember the sound of his voice and his laugh, things that I wish I could remember. I know I loved him a lot, though. I remember being really confused when he died and not understanding what was going on. My mom and my nana had taken me and my sister to the Aiken mall, and we had just gotten food and were about to eat when we got the call that he had a heart attack. We left immediately and all I cared about was that I didn’t get my piece of bubblegum on the way out like my mom promised. I didn’t know what was going on. I don’t remember anything about the hospital or much of went on afterwards, other than my mom crying a lot and there being a lot of flowers in the house.
I really wish my Grandad was still here. I know my mom and nana miss him way more than they let on. Even though I don’t remember him very much, I miss him and wish that I could see him again. I wish he could’ve been here to watch me and Sarah grow up. I wish he could meet Eva and any possible future siblings of hers. I want him to be there for my senior prom and my wedding and when I have kids someday. I know he’s in a better place now, but I still want just one more day with him. I can’t wait to see him when I get to Heaven.

Unproductive Venting.

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She is just so adorable!!



A Post About Sarah.

I’m so proud of my sister. She sang in North Augusta Idol tonight and was fantastic. It was a hard song and she pulled it off really well. She was really nervous because she was wearing heels, she just moved up to a new age group, and she just got braces last week. She almost made herself sick in the car on the way. She didn’t place, but she should have. With the person they chose for the overall winner and how that affected her group, she should have at least gotten runner-up. I personally wasn’t at all impressed with the girl who beat her.
Sarah was so upset when it was over. She started criticizing herself and crying as soon as we got in the car. No matter what we said, she wouldn’t cheer up. She didn’t say much at all when we got home. She barely ate anything and went straight to bed. I feel so bad for her. I hope she doesn’t give up on it. She did really, really good. I’d kill to be able to sing like her.
I don’t care what those judges think, my baby sister sang beautifully and I’m extremely proud of her.



Nutella frozen yogurt is absolutely amazing. I’m now going to be visiting Tutti Frutti every day for the rest of my life. It’s that good. :3